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Does the AP Classes we choose to take is high school have to be directly related to our intended major for college?

Hello! i plan to take many AP course through out my high school career and so far i have only taken 2. However, i want to expand my area of knowledge to a variety of different fields of study including language, science, mathematics, history and more. I was wondering if it matters that the AP classes have to be related to out future college major? I am likely to major in biomedical sciences in college but in high school i want to take advantage of the many AP classes offered at the school I currently attend. If I take AP courses that aren't directly related to math or science will that lower my rate of acceptance in a specific school or it doesn't matter?

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I have heard that colleges love to see you trying new things! Personally, I have taken many different AP courses throughout high school and I have never heard of that being a negative thing for any application. However, if you want to major in something that there IS an AP course for, definitely take that. I don't see any reason not to but that should not hurt your application. :)

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So I think that it doesn’t directly affect your acceptance rate. It’s good to take AP in general because it makes you look like a better prepared candidate who shows initiative. I know that many AP classes like language, history, and math are going to be taken in college so it’s better to do them now so you don’t have to take them then. This is all I have to offer. I know that there will be better comments but don’t worry it doesn’t lower your acceptance rate.

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No, but if you get a low score on your AP exam your chances will be lowered.


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