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How many prospective schools is too many? I don't want to get overwhelmed with the whole process but I also don't want to overlook an opportunity. Thanks

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a month ago

I am currently a high school senior and genuinely believed that I would miss an opportunity in not applying to a school. However, now I am facing the fact that I paid the application fees to schools I don't see myself going to, and it's also confusing because each of the schools presents a different offer and different things. So from experience, I would say limit it to schools you can see yourself going to, and if there are many schools, prioritize applying to those schools first. All the colleges you are applying to simply for an opportunity or because you are on the fence about it last. For a number, though, I would entirely recommend keeping it under 10-12 applications.


2 months ago

As much as you would want to increase the possibility of your acceptance rate by applying to varieties of schools, you also have to put the admission process into consideration. The lesser the amount of schools you apply to,the more room you would be giving to be able to put in your best into the application. So I'll say an maximum of 10 school both your top choices and safety schools.


2 months ago[edited]

I'd say that it depends on your comfort level/the schools you're interested in. 15-20+ seems like a lot of applications to fill out though.


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