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What are some good colleges for Computer Engineering, CO-OP Programs, and Track and Field.

Hi I'm a senior at VTHS. I'm currently applying to Stevens Institute of Technology, LeHigh, and some reach IVYs. I want more options, Im going for a computer engineering degree, preferably in a CO-OP program, that I can run track at.

My Stats:

4.0 GPA

1370 Superscore SAT (This may be higher depending on my results Saturday.

8 AP Classes

12 Honors Classes

Just ask for any more info, thank you for any suggestions!!!

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Hi, thank you for asking your question! I would recommend checking out our school list tool and use the major filter ("Computer Engineering" will work here). Unfortunately, at this time we do not have filter options for co-op programs for Track and Field specifically. But you can use the other filters to refine your schools list (i.e. geography, prestige, size, etc.). Two colleges that do come to my mind that are in the Northeast are Rutgers University and Northeastern University which do offer Co-op programs to students (Northeastern is big on this!).

Additionally, another tool you may find useful is our preferences tool that can align your school list with your personal goals. As a note, I would also recommend completing your admissions profile on your CollegeVine account so you can see your personalized chances to the schools you want to apply for using our Chancing Engine tool.

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