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Recommendations for good colleges in CA that have great nursing, art, and psychology programs.

I'm a Sophomore in High School with an unweighted 4.0 GPA and currently trying to find good colleges in CA that offer good nursing programs as well as Art and Psychology. Furthermore, I am also looking for colleges and universities that aren't too expensive, something that is affordable but also a 4-year school. Also hoping that the college offers grants, scholarships, and work study opportunities.

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21 days ago

For nursing and psychology, UC Berkeley is a great option! The annual tuition is $17,862 (without any aid). With your FAFSA, Cal Grant, and Financial Aid application, the cost will become more reasonable. Having a 4.0 GPA makes you a strong candidate for this reputable university. Keep applying for scholarships and $17,862 will get smaller and smaller.

19 days ago

Hey! I thought UC schools only have two nursing programs which are UCLA and Irvine?

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Great, thank you so much!


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