15 days ago
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What are some good websites to find scholarships

Just like you… trying to find scholarships.

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14 days ago

bold.org has a lot of variety in scholarships. You should check it out


12 days ago

I have found various scholarships in the websites in the list below:


-Going Merry

-Raise Me

-Scholly (costs to browse)



I hope this helps you well in your search for scholarships.


14 days ago

Going Merry is great and connects you to so many scholarships, also ask school counselors/your workplace or your parent's workplace to see if they have any scholarships, also apply to the collegevine scholarship, I won and was so excited!! I just started using bold.org as well however it seems as though lots of people apply to the scholarships so very difficult to win, but still good to give it a shot since lots of the essays are repetitive so you can submit one essay for multiple scholarships. I hope this helps :)


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