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What was the scariest thing about going to college?

I am a 16 year old junior attending a small charter school located in Texas. I am pretty nervous about college due to having to pick the right one. I don't wanna leave my parents, but at the same time, I want to adventure out. Is this normal? Should I feel scared as much as I do?

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5 days ago

Hellooooo, I'm a senior in Arizona and not in college yet, but I can tell you, this is the most normal thing ever! (That's according to me and all my friends, but hey, we're a hefty bunch!)

Choosing colleges is literally one of the most stressful and nerve-racking things you'll do! Why? Well, it's basically the first decision you have as an adult, and let me tell you; be selfish about it because this will be one of the few times in your life in which you'll be able to be it.

You can apply to a college 30 minutes away from home today, and tomorrow want to go to Boston or even Australia! (True story 😅) All this worrying and doubting is the most common thing. I'm sure it's not just me and you who feel this sometimes, I think it's all students thinking about college. You have until August as a junior so enjoy it, have fun! Don't let your grades slip obviously, but don't stress about college right now.

As soon as application season starts though, step on it and apply to all the colleges you have in mind! Even if it's a list of 10 because if you don't, you'll be like me and change your mind about your decision in late December, and you'll be left scavenging for late application deadlines and colleges you never even considered.

Hope this helps and if you're wondering, I still have NO IDEA where I'm going but I am applying to everywhere I'm considering so that way I have variety when I make my final decision. And moral of the story, you do you, there's no way you can make the wrong decision if you think about yourself, your needs, and your future!

5 days ago

Everyone gets nervous when a major change is occurring in their life. Don't stress about picking the right one too much. It is completely normal to be worried and it is also normal to want freedom and a new experience. I think the scariest thing about going to college is the large changes and the increased responsibility. However, there are so many benefits that outweigh the uncertainty, so just go for it. Plus you should have a little while before you head down that road.


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