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Schools for an Enviro Major?

Hi! I am interested in majoring in Environmental Science specifically with a concentration in sustainability and policy. I am unsure of what colleges to apply to however. My dream school is University of Washington but it's simply not in my price range. I would prefer to live out of state (I currently live in Texas) in a relatively LGBT+ friendly area. Are there any colleges with good environmental programs you know of under at least 30k?

My current list:

University of Southern Florida - 18k (The environmental program seems amazing and though cost of living in Tampa is a lot I don't mind)

Arizona State University, Lake Huvasau - 11k (It's so affordable but a lot of the teachers aren't great according to reviews)

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Greetings Willis,

You’ve picked two great colleges, and I am sure there are others. Judging from what you said, there are a few ways to make the search easier and quicker.

First, find out which state you would like to attend college in (e.g. New Mexico for the wide open land if that appeals to you). Come up with concrete criteria and stick with those as you search (like cost of living, things to do, urban or rural, etc.). That should give you at least a part of the United States you would like to attend college in. Then look for colleges with your degree options like that.

Second, ask your school which out of state colleges are linked with Texas. For example, I believe Iowa or Wichita State offers in-state tuition for Texas students.

Third, the best way to actually know how good the teachers and programs are is to visit and ask the students (and talk to the teachers!). Expect at least some biased reviews online.

Fourth, you can expand your options if you want to make applying for scholarships a part-time job. Yes you can still have a social life and apply for scholarships, maybe even get a part-time or seasonal job. You won’t be able to go to every party or event, but that’s the trade-off if you want to go to a school that, say, has a $60K cost of attendance.


Eric B.


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