2 years ago
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Which is the best option for a Mechanical Engineering major? Texas A&M, Case Western or Lousiana State (LSU)?

I am an international student and I have been admitted to these schools for Mechanical Engineering which I surely want to pursue. Further, I have also secured a $15,000/year scholarship from case Western.

Being an international student, cost of attendance is just as important as the quality of education I receive. All three are renowned colleges, with the cheapest being LSU. However, I have a chance of qualifying for an out of state tuition waiver at Texas A&M if I can somehow secure a $4000 scholarship, which may make it more affordable. At the same time my scholarship at Case Western tempts me.

I am unable to decide as I care both about quality and cost. Kindly help me out.


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2 years ago

Greetings Detox101,

According to US News, LSU is ranked 113 in best engineering schools, CWRU is 42, and Texas A&M is 12 in mechanical and 15 in engineering.

See this video on CWRU if you haven't already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP9WyoC31jc&t=379s

I will tell you that if you are not used to extreme humidity, flooding, and a cuisine based on fried foods (that is the area, not the cafeteria of the school), LSU may not be for you.

I can tell you that Texas A&M has a good vibe and that the school spirit is high. Moreover, if you decide to remain in the US, Texas is growing fast. Tesla is building a plant in Austin (which is seeing record growth), and Dallas and Houston continue to grow. College Station has sunshine on many days and no severe humidity.

Let me know if you have more questions or concerns.


Eric B.

2 years ago

I would think of your options right now in terms of a sliding scale. On one end, there's LSU, with the best affordability but the least resources and lowest rank. On the opposite end, there's Texas A&M, with the best rank and programs but potentially the highest cost. CWRU falls in the middle of these two options, which makes it the best choice in my opinion.

Cultural fit and location are other things to consider. I recommend talking to current students and alumni as well as visiting the schools to determine this. For more help with your decision, check out this CollegeVine blog as well. Hope this helps!

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