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I live in Ohio and go to a pretty big high school that offers a lot of different courses. I am in the 11th grade and currently plan on majoring in psychology and possibly going to get a PsyD so I can become a forensic psychologist. I have taken the intro to psych prerequisite and am taking AP Psych next year. I earned a 27 on the ACT with highish scores like a 32 in reading and a 30 in science reasoning. I am bad at math so that really brought down my score. I plan on taking it again to get my score up to either a 29 or 30. I am involved in the marching band and I am a part of the NHS program at my school. I want to attend a good college but I know I'm certainly not going to get into Harvard nor am I going to try. Really what I'm going to ask here is what are some good schools I should tour or think about applying to with my GPA being 3.7 and my ACT score currently being 27? Thanks for the help to whoever answers!

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@dino game Great answer when I have the same.

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Hi @CatherineBell!

I'd recommend checking out CollegeVine's Chancing Engine (link on the sidebar). It'll guide you through questions about your college preferences as well as your student profile, then give you a bunch of recommended schools that match your preferences (sorted into safeties, reaches, and targets). You can even test your results with a higher SAT or ACT score if you want to account for that.

This should at least give you some ideas, which you can then look into further to see what you like most. I could maybe recommend some state schools in Ohio or the Midwest, but honestly I'd need a ton more information from you to get anywhere close to what the engine does automatically.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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