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I'm a freshman in HS right now and am currently stuck with what I should do. I used to play volleyball and was very serious about it, but recently quit. I'm thinking about playing again, but would still need more EH. I've also done some Community Service, but nothing serious. If there's any suggestions please let me know!

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Hello, I'm also a member of the 2025 class. Consider your interests and potential career paths. If you want to be an athlete, you should definitely participate in volleyball extracurricular activities. If not, you can still do it to improve your mood and health. Continue doing community service because it will earn you Volunteer Hours, which are good for colleges and required for the National Honor Society.

Other extracurricular activities are entirely up to you; check your school's club list and consult with your Counselor for your High School plan. Rigid clubs include Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Math, Computer Science, Politics, Theater, and Newspaper. If none of these suit you, you can even start your own club. Remember that your GPA/test scores should always come first.

Also, sometimes indecision is worse than wrong decisions. (Read the poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost) College values consistency and focus, so if you make a decision, stick to it for the entire four years.


2 years ago

I am also very into the sports that I play (soccer and wrestling). I have stopped doing so many other extracurricular activities like clubs and community service because I enjoy sports so much more. You can still play sports and do other extracurriculars, it's just how determined you are that decides whether or not you can do both. If you love sports, play sports, if you truly don't, then you don't have to.


2 years ago

Don't play sports or spend too much time on it unless your states level or national level player. I suggest you should either try to join a small community service group and try to gain a leadership role and experience before senior year


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