2 years ago
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Safeties in florida or affordable elsewhere

I’m going thru my college list (I’m a junior) and I’m noticing that most of them are like the elites, T30s, etc lol. I need a few safeties to fall back on. I’m moving to Florida so I’m looking at safeties in Florida

- My GPA is a 4.3 weighted (will be higher Bc I’m taking 3-4 APs next year plus college classes over summer)

- My ACT was a 33 (i plan on retaking it)

- Have a few good extracurriculars, not gonna list em all here (started organization, work, 150+ hrs volunteering, wrote short visual novel)

- Black female, stem, lgbt

My safeties I’m looking at rn are UMiami (86% chance) and USF (94%). Where else should I apply to in Florida that is somewhat decent?

I should mention I have legacy to ETSU (not that great lmao) but I’d get a full ride there. So anything besides that that will get me a decent amount of scholarship


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2 years ago

Hi @amy45339!

USF and UMiami are both great schools and worthy safeties. As far as colleges in Florida go, you could also try Florida State and U of Florida, but otherwise there aren't too many schools in Florida at the same tier as UMiami.

You should be good then with UMiami and USF, with maybe Florida State or UF. You generally only need two safeties, but if you're going for a very big school list (12+), I'd throw in ETSU for good measure. Lastly, if you want more school ideas in Florida, you can also add it as a filter in our school list hub (it'll even tell you whether they're safeties or not).

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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