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Best majors for someone interested in the medical field?

Currently, I’m a junior in high school and i’m focusing on a career path that’ll lead me to becoming an ob/gyn, and everyone has been down on my neck asking me what I’ll major in when I get to college and honestly I don’t know. I like studying science and everyone I know keeps telling me that medical schools go for those who have biology/chemistry majors but I don’t really want that cause its so repetitive. Now I’m just stuck on what to go with. Do I actually have to go with that same route, or are there other majors that’ll help me?

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There are other majors that would help you. You don't just have to do biology or chemistry. Many med students have done humanities such as psychology and even music. Psychology can help you deal with future patients and I don't really know about music, but I know it's been done before. You could also do food science or business so you know healthy diets or how to run a clinic if you open one. You could really just major in anything you like because medical schools accept anyone as long as they fulfill their requirements. In fact, if you major in something other than biology or chemistry, you have just as a good chance to get in because medical schools love to see diversity or you pursuing something you love. Just remember to do the required classes, get a good GPA, and do well on the MCAT. Some community service hours won't hurt either, just remember that medical schools don't care much about extracurriculars compared to GPA unlike colleges.

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