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Hello, I am a freshman in high school living in IN. I would like to go to medical school, but I am unsure what I should do about undergrad. I would love to go to a school like the University of Notre Dame, but I do not want to be in debt going into med school. Should I go to a public university like IU to save money? Will not going to a high ranked undergrad university hinder my chances of getting into med school?

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2 years ago

Hey addison, I too, am in the same path of wanting to go to med school. Idk how it is in IN however I believe the best decision u can make is to find a college that has a BS/MD for example one college I am considering is Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education where it's a 7 year commitment and you can earn both your MD and BS in fewer years without needing to take the mcat.

At first I thought the same thing that we needed certain grades or needed to go to a prestigious college enable to get accepted however that is false because you are more than just your grade or the college you go to .

I am not in college nor in med school so i don't know how that process works but I have talked to many college kids and seen my older sister go through the process and those aren't the requirements needed.

Btw i am a sophomore in new york

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