2 years ago
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finding schools that interest me

I know it sounds stupid but i feel like i can't find schools that interest me. If I find one that interests me, I have no chance of getting in. I know no school will be perfect but there's nothing that I really want to go to. I've used Collegevine's searching tool but they only give me like 3 colleges. ideas? I'm also in the summer before my senior year so i need to decide this fast.


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2 years ago


If no schools that you have found interest you, there is unfortunately not much advice people can give you (aside from visiting campuses and talking with students, etc.). In my opinion, I would simply now try to find a school based on necessities you think you need, not exactly interest.

Here are some examples:

- Location: Do you like the sun or rain? Warm or cold? Do you want to be close to a city or do you want to be in rural campuses? Do you want a place where everything is in walking distance? Are you comfortable taking trains or other means of transportation? Any restaurants you particularly like?

- Major (this is an easy one): Does the college have a strong department in your area of interest? If you don't know what you want to major in, does the school have a wide range of departments to explore your interests?

- Cost: This is pretty self-explanatory. Would this college be a financial burden? Do they offer financial aid? Do you qualify for financial aid? Does it cost a lot to submit an application?

- Internships: Does the college have a good track record of making internships available to students? Do they help you with your internship search or are you on your own.

- Campus: What do you look for in a dorm? Do you want a large campus? Would you prefer to eat out a lot - if so, are there good dining options on campus?

- Student body: What kind of a high school do you come from? Do you prefer a large class size? Smaller size? Do you want close relationships with teachers?

- Classes & Credits: Do your credits from high school (AP, IB, Community college credits, etc.) transfer over? Are there any classes you find interesting? How many core classes are required for you to take -- do you have a wide range of classes offered?

- Sports scene: Are you involved in a sport? Do you enjoy watching sports?

- Religion: Is religion important to you? Would you want a college that surrounds a certain faith?

- Competitiveness: Do you want a college where everyone was the top of their class (aka everyone is trying to one-up each other)? Would this motivate you or scare you? (example: in harvard, many clubs have a whole application process to even get in, which makes things extremely prestigious and selective -- would you be fine with this?)

- Housing: does the college offer housing for all four years? Would you be fine with living off campus for a year? Are the dorms nice?

- Experience: Do you want the traditional college experience? (What I mean is: if you want a closed campus, don't go to NYU. If you want independence and a less-traditional college experience, go to NYU).

- Stats: Can you even get in? What is the average GPA, SAT/ACT scores, EC's, etc.

- Prestige: Do you care if your college is top-tier? Is the name important?

These are just some things I can think of, but I know it may not be particularly helpful. If you have at least some interest in a college, go ahead and apply. You might find that, during the application process, you will fall in love with a school. If you don't, it could happen as you're already going to the school. It might be a bit scary to go into the process without a set idea on where you want to go, but trust the process. You will end up exactly where you're supposed to. Also, remember that, when you are in your thirties and are working in some company, so one is going to care where you go to college. Where you went to school does not define you, what defines you is what you to afterwards.

I wish you the best of luck! :)

2 years ago

Sometimes there won't be any interest. So just go to the one that seems the best. You will probably find that it is more enjoyable than you think. Hope that helps!

2 years ago

If you are just looking online, I suggest getting out there! Sometimes you need to "feel" a place to see what you might like. I bet that if you tour some different types of schools you will start to see what kind of school interests you. Good Luck!

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