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I'm planning to go out of state, would you recommend leaving your hometown/state?

I've always been kept "protected" by my mom and brothers since it has only been us for six years. I hate being at home because I am in such a toxic household but i'm afraid I won't be able to pay for school on my own either. I wanted to hear others experiences to help me decide if going out of state is a good idea or not. Is it more expensive to go out of state as well?

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Hi @lunarcore! I also plan to go out of state for college. I am not too experienced in this area yet. However, I have been doing some research. First, filling out the FAFSA would be beneficial and can help to pay for college. Furthermore, there are a plethora of scholarships out there. I would not discount and scholarships that you are eligible for. Also, some colleges/universities have the same tuition for both in state and out of state students which can help too. I would recommend leaving your home state because eventually, you will have to go out into the world yourself and make your own decisions. College is a big decision in and of itself. But ultimately, the choice is yours. Here is an article about paying for college.



2 years ago

I think going out of state would be better to get a change in environment. There are a couple of schools that have the same in and out of state tuition cost so definitely check those out in your search for colleges. Also make sure to apply for lots of scholarships, merits, etc. because that will definitely help with the cost.

When you go to college, try to invest so you can have money coming in without you really having to work for it. Good Luck!


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