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Unsure about Major and Need Target Schools

I'm class of 2023 and will be applying to colleges this fall. I am unsure about my major and want to choose undecided, genetics, finance, food science, or education. I live in New York and have a 1350 SAT score and a 3.8-4.0 GPA. What schools would be good targets from the east coast? I do not want to go too far South and I would consider Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. I prefer schools that are medium-sized and are not in cities. Generally, liberal arts schools are better I think for undecided majors but I could be wrong. I know this is a lot of details but so far I only have one target school: NC State.

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I understand you want a medium-sized school however, given you aren't sure of your major, I think you should attend a school with a variety of majors in case you want to change or try something. There's Clemson University in South Carolina, it offers food science, genetics, education, and other degrees. Although you said you didn't want to go too far south, there's University of Georgia which offers a large amount of majors including genetics, food science (especially since it's an agriculture state), finance, and education. At last, there's American University which offers finance, education, not exactly genetics but other related sciences.

You can go to College board College search

Princeton review college search

or Niche to search for colleges according to your preferences. Which a GPA as high as yours and a decent SAT score, I'm sure you can attend many colleges you'd like!


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You can continue to research schools online on CollegeVine and elsewhere! I think you school apply to college undecided, like what many people do. Another option is that since you are undecided, you probably should start at a community college first before transferring to a four-year college.


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