2 years ago
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Best college for undecided students?

Every time I try to find a good list of colleges for undecided students, the list is filled with ivy leagues. I don't have the stats to go to an ivy league, so what are other colleges good for undecided students? I prefer going to college in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

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2 years ago

hello !

i have also been trying to find colleges in the north east that offer good education in various fields since i am also thinking about going undecided but leaning more towards computer science (maybe ??)

i think looking for schools that offer many academic as well as extracurriculars in different fields is good for an undecided major. research will definitely help, you can try to contact counselors to see if they offer specific courses for undecided students (if you prefer a structure) or let students create their own curriculum based on their interests (if you prefer to explore on your own).

based on my research, the majority of schools that are best for undecided students are liberal arts or research institutions since they have a broad range of courses.

i hope this helped you a tiny bit in this confusing whirlwind that college applications are ! good luck !! ^^


2 years ago

Hi @idkwhtimdoing,

I feel for you. 😢 I'm in the same boat - I also am undecided and don't know what I'm doing. I agree with @catpurin, a liberal arts school would probably be a good fit and allow you to explore different courses/majors. My second tip is look for a college in a group of partner colleges - this gives you an even wider range of classes and resources. One example is the Sister Colleges, a group of womens' colleges in the Northeast. Another example is the Five College Consortium which is based in Massachusetts. Unfortunately I don't know of any specific examples in the states you listed (since I'm looking mostly in Mass), but hopefully this idea of a group of colleges is helpful!


2 years ago

I would say bigger schools such as Temple, Rutgers, or Penn state would be good for undecided students. Since they are so big there are so many chances to learn what you want to do.


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