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Which colleges should be the best for my qualities ?

I am US citizen but live in another country for approx. 15 years. I want to study in US for college. My unweighted GPA 4.0 and I got 1580 from SAT. I have few extracurriculars like theatre, robotic club, events for orphans but not a international competitions. I have not any AP or Honors classes because there is none in my high school. I will need probably a lot of scholarship for college so would public/state schools be a little hard for me to afford ? And which private colleges would be the best for me to apply ?

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@Fithen2 years ago

Hi Basilisk. To help you better answer this, can you share what sort of majors you're interested in? While there are certainly some across-the-board great universities, many ones you may not have heard of offer a good education for some specific field — and may be more generous with scholarships to their average applicant.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Basilisk2 years ago

I actually want to study in engineering fields more likely computer engineering or it would be computer science. Moreover I'm interested in physics.

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2 years ago

Since you are a US citizen, you are eligible for federal student aid. I recommend focusing on applying to the schools which are the most generous with aid - you can find them on this list. Quite a few of these schools have good STEM degree programs. Hope this helps!

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