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What colleges and Universities can I get in to with a gpa of 2.771

Hi I am a senior in High school with a GPA of 2.771. Will I be able to raise my GPA up to a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and If not what colleges should I be looking at with my GPA?

My ACT Composite score is 16

I have never taken the SAT.

Should I do Essays to bump my chances [of getting into better colleges.


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2 years ago

You have several possibilities. 1) Do the best you can with your grades this year. Even at 2.77 its doable; try to keep your grades up. 2) Scroll through some colleges you are interested in and see what their acceptance rate is. This will give you an idea how lenient they are with GPA. You can also use the Chancing Calculator on College Vine. 3) Write a really good essay. College Vine will do a free peer review for you using your Karma Points. I did that and it was really helpful. 4) Make sure you have good extracurriculars. Not just quantity but quality; be in a leadership role. 5) Even though most colleges say Test Optional, you should take the SAT. If you get a decent score it will help a not-so-great GPA. I've already had a Test Optional school ask me if I took the SAT to improve my chances. I actually did so I was able to send the score to improve my chance of admission.

One last option: you can go to community college for one year and improve your grades. Then you are certain to get into the four year college of your choice. One of the main purposes of the college admission process is to see if you can handle college and if you succeed in community college they already know that. I hope it works out for you. I am sort of in the same boat, that's why I know this stuff.

2 years ago

Hi @nrobin5117!

I would recommend trying our Chancing Engine for some immediate suggestions. It'll take in other important factors like your background and extracurriculars, so it can calculate your chances much more precisely than I could.

That said, there's really not much time left to raise your GPA. You'd need to get at least a 93 in almost all your remaining classes, and even then most colleges will only see your grades as of December this year. I'd recommend planning with your current GPA (or maybe a small bump) so you can prepare with the most accurate information. And while essays can help, GPA usually functions more as its own cutoff — you should think of them each meeting a minimum standard, rather than one making up for the other.

But don't worry too much. There's still plenty of colleges — especially local state schools — that you can get into with your GPA. You can find a link to our Chancing Engine here: https://www.collegevine.com/admissions-calculator

Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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