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School List Suggestions

I need help narrowing down my list ASAP

I have the following schools on my list;

Penn State University

Fordham University

University Of Washington

University of Pittsburg

George Washington University

University of Rochester

New York University

UC San Diego

Boston University

Emory University

University of Michigan

Vanderbilt University

Washington University in St. Louis

University of Pennsylvania

University of Chicago

Columbia University

Duke University

University of Georgia

University of Florida

Georgia State University

Georgia Tech

Mercer University

My gpa is a 3.8 and i have taken 11 honors classes with 4 APs. I am of hispanic background and a first gen student. I run my own club (founder and president), VP of National Honors Society, small group leader at my church, link leader (freshman orientation/helper), supervisor at my job, internship at doctors office, and hundreds of hours volunteering.

I am also going in as a neuroscience/psychology major on premed track and dont want to be in rural area. I could see myself going to almost all these schools but need help narrowing down my list because 22 schools is quite a bit. I am also planning on going test optional because my test scores are really bad. obviously test optional to the schools that are test optional

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@Gojo @em-h

this is my updated list - what do you all think?

penn state

university of washington

university of pittsburgh

george washington university

new york university

boston university

emory university

university of michigan

vanderbilt university




columbia university


university of florida

georgia state university

georgia tech

mercer university

2 years ago

That looks good! If you are planning on visiting these campuses, you can further narrow down your list by simply crossing off the schools you don't like as much. If you're not going to visit these schools, most colleges have online tour options that are fairly sufficient.


2 years ago

Personal comment: Drop Fordham University (Unless you're applying to a class/major taught at Lincoln Center). I visited the Fordham Rose hill, and the campus is great, but outside of campus it's terrible and unsafe. When I visited, there were many people who were driving like manics, and the area outside is not the safest. If you prioritize safety, and you want to leave campus, then Fordham Rose Hill is not for you.


2 years ago

Hi! To narrow down your list, first think about what you want from the school. You're an excellent applicant, so you should be able to pick and choose your colleges. If you would like to be more selective, think about these questions:

-Where do you want to be?

-How big of a school do you want?

-What are some majors you're interested in? Which schools have these majors? -Are there any clubs or sports you find interesting?

-Does prestige matter?

-What's your ideal college town?

Eliminate the schools that don't line up with your preferences. After going through those questions, sort the remaining colleges into three categories:

-Safety (schools that you have over an 85% chance of getting into)

-Target (schools within the 30-84% range)

-Reach (schools that you have under a 29% chance of getting into)

I hope this helps! Enjoy your day!


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