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Extra curricular‘s junior year

I am currently a junior in high school and college is slowly creeping into my mind and I don’t have any extracurriculars. I have never done a sport nor played any instrument. I’m in many clubs and I currently have a job but that’s about it. I have many side hobbies but I know that’s not enough. This is always been in my mind that I have never played a sport, and have never had that many extracurriculars. I know starting clubs is great especially for leader ship. What else can I do?

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2 years ago

Hi @mimiwikiki! I completely understand your situation and there's no need to be stressed - you have a good amount of extracurriculars already. Depending on your course rigor (Honors, AP/IB classes, etc.) you might not want to undertake to many more extracurriculars because you need to keep those grades high as well. But if you think you can handle "many clubs," your job, and more things... here's what I'd do!

- Gain leadership in one of those clubs. Becoming the president, vice president, treasurer, etc. can show that you have great leadership qualities. You don't HAVE to start your own club, but becoming a leader in a club that already exists is pretty good!

- Join a club that shows initiative. This could be Key Club, Student Government, etc.

- Join extracurriculars that shows your interest in a particular career field. For example, if you're interested in pursuing medical in the future, then internship at a doctors office, volunteer at a hospital, etc.

- Join an academic team. You can join Science Olympiad, a Math competition team, etc.

- Volunteer. Racking up volunteer hours is also very good on your transcript.

- Internship. I know I mentioned this before, but I wanted to highlight how important this is. This is a great way to show your interest in a subject to colleges.

- Tutoring. Not the tutoring that you may receive, but help tutor other kids or little kids! Either you can join a tutoring service club that already exists, or you can create your own tutoring club!

Overall, chose the ones that appeal to you. This is just a list of what I suggest you do - you don't have to choose them all, or any! If you already do some of these, that's awesome! Do as many as you'd like. Remember - the common app only allows 10 extracurriculars.

Hope this was able to help you! Good luck with junior year!


2 years ago

Hi! I get that is a really stressful time and it seems daunting at the moment but keep in mind your aim should be to not have any regrets in terms of your college application. Your extra curricular should resonate well with your personality. Not everyone is a leader, and not all colleges want leaders. What makes for a solid extra-curricular activity is that it is personal to you and you love doing it.

You can probably start by writing down your major of choice if you have decided then start listing your hobbies in the order of how many hours you spend on them. Circle those that give you the "where did the time fly" kind of feelings when you are doing them. Then see which one is the highest of those bubbles and has the closest relation to your major of choice. That is the hobby you want to start focusing on more. Try going deeper into that hobby and what actions can you take to demonstrate to those around you the interest you have in that hobby.

Hope this helps!


2 years ago

Yes, leadership is important. You should try to set yourself up for a leadership position in 1-2 clubs for senior year. You can also show leadership in a number of ways - you can do independent research and get published in a high school journal; you can volunteer at a local organization (on a regular basis) outside of your school's community service requirements; you can start a club and be co-founder; you can do something with your side hobbies (e.g., photography - go take photos and then hold a show and donate the money);...there are many things you can do if you are creative! Good luck!


2 years ago[edited]

What are you interested in studying? You can base your extracurriculars on your major or another subject of interest. Junior year is the best opportunity to rack up your portfolio for college applications, so it's not too late to get to work!

Try looking for leadership positions in the clubs you're already part of. You don't need to be the president; you could aim for treasurer, historian, secretary, or another role, and this will still show that you're a leader.

As for starting clubs, there's no obligation if you're not into that! If you are considering it, though, try identifying your main interests and hobbies. It can be tricky if your school already has a wide variety of clubs, but there's always something new you can try. If you can't think of anything, try picking something that you're interested in but haven't done before! Trying new things shows boldness and courage.

Extracurriculars don't all have to be school-oriented either. You can volunteer for a local organization, assist someone at church, help at an animal shelter, clean a local park, tutor your peers, work on an art project, and so much more. Get creative! Whatever your passion is, you can make an extracurricular out of it. Just take a moment to think about what really makes you feel enthused, and pursue that!

Colleges also like well-rounded individuals, and personality counts for plenty.

Best of luck!


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