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School List Suggestions

What is the best colleges for me/might I be in running for?

Interested in poli-sci/psych

From California, and open to any school in country, that is prestigious and has great academics!

1340 SAT | 3.1 GPA ( due to family issues where I had no access to my homework / test for 4 months )

Earned transfer academic scholarship to challenging college prep school

Varsity Boys Golf - 2 Years

Junior Varsity Cross country - 1 Year

Founder and President of School Filipino American Culture and Presence Club

Board Member for School Car Enthusiast Club

Board member for School cultural awareness Club

1 Semester California Scholarship Federation

1 Semester Principal's Honor Roll

6 Month part time barista job

School play drama production lead actor for production

Filipino Los Angeles high school club division creator

Filipino American National Honor Society member

FilExelence / FilipinoGlobal #Isangdiwa mental health volunteer

Nominated student for schools George Mason University summer scholar program for Law as a high level academic student

Offered internship for (Menufacturing Company) clothing production brand as creative director

Riot Games Social Media Internship - 2 Months

Accepted to University of Rochester summer program for Computer Science

Accepted to Wake Forest University Psychology program

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I recommend filling out your CollegeVine profile with this information. Once you do, you can use the school list hub to find colleges that are a good match for you. Hope this helps!


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