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Shortlisting colleges based on a specific major

Looking for advice on how to go about researching best schools for a given major rather than completely relying on rankings (major specific rankings) available on US News, Niche etc. Would most of the following information be available and easy to find on college specific websites?

a) pathways for a given major after 4 yr undergrad

b) companies hiring undergrads from a specific major

c) internships and/or co-op opportunities available for a specific major

d) is there is a possibility of doing double major or major and a minor alongside a chosen major

e) student/teacher ratio for a specific major and whether only faculty teaches or it can also be by teaching/graduate/research assistants


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- While most of these answers can be found on college-specific websites, the best resource for you is to explore the websites of the universities of your interest themselves. There, you will find information about professional advising, that school's networking with that major, internships, job search, and guidance regarding choosing your studies for graduate school if you plan on pursuing it.

- If still unclear, you can always call the university or attend any of its informational virtual webinars (or visit the university/take a tour if you can!)

- For example, when you visit the Department of Astronomy on the University of Texas- Austin's website, it is divided into undergrad and grad degrees.

- For undergrad, you can see a list of courses, research and career opportunities, including research classes and UT research fellowships, the general and pre-professional programs, Astronomy as a career, etc.

- Even for grad school, there is a list of courses, student information, monitoring, volunteer opportunities, and a section with more helpful links. This will be the same for all majors.

- By visiting individual universities' websites, you will learn much more about the program of your interest and how it varies from university to university, as you may realise that you like the classes offered at a university that are ranked lower on US News than another's which is ranked higher.

- If you get a chance to connect with a current student or alumni of your colleges of interest, take the opportunity to ask them about their experience and also take in mentorship from them- after all, you are gaining insider perspective!

Best of luck with your college search!

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