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What would be a good uni to go to?

I am in 9th grade, wanting to go into a chemistry-based job and I need some help figuring out what universities I should go to. I would like to go to Ohio State University, West Virginia University, and University of Dallas. I need some help figuring out the pros and cons for these universities so I can choose the best one. I want to go to the uni that is cheap but has a good chemistry course.

Anyone able to help?

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a year ago

A great way to narrow down colleges is to pick some factors that are important to you (location, diversity, programs in your chosen major, etc.) and rank them on how important they are. Then, select some colleges that interest you, using websites like CollegeVine, College Board, or Niche. Then, rank each of your college choices by how closely they correspond with your important factors. It sounds like you've already expressed interest in a few colleges, so you can just rank those on your important factors.

Also, like @Anonymous123 said, it's likely cheaper to attend college in the state you live in, but you can also check out financial aid and scholarships online. If you're only in 9th grade, you still have a while to think about college, so I wouldn't worry too much about it for now, but picking out things that are important to you in a college is always a good place to start!

Good luck!

a year ago

Hi @newtmare!

First of all, what state do you live in (OH, WV, TX, or somewhere else)? Your tuition is largely determined by where you're from (in-state/out-of-state/international).

You're still a freshman, so you don't have any GPA, test scores, or any extracurriculars. These factors determine what universities are good fits for you and how likely you are to get in. Don't worry, you'll have a better idea by the time you are a junior.

Hope this helps!

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