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test scores....

how important do you think SAT scores are for colleges? I have a great GPA, and I am heavily involved in school, but I am severely lacking in test scores. Do you also think I should take the ACT?

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Hey @meshag!

I do recommend submitting at least one standardised test, whether its the SAT or ACT. Try online practice tests for both to see which is better for you- some students just don't like the SAT, and that's okay!

I'm not a fan of standardised tests either- sometimes they just aren't a good representation of a student, and you seem to fit that case. Maybe try some SAT or ACT prep resources (such as the free online course on Khan Academy for SAT) to get used to the test. Guessing from what you've mentioned, the issue isn't ability but rather that you're not as familiar with how the SAT works.

While you can still apply test optional, having a decent score can help your application, and in my opinion its worth the effort of finding all the tips and tricks to tame the test.


a year ago

Hi @meshag!

The importance of test scores depends on the college. Before deciding to take the ACT, I suggest you try a practice ACT. (can be found online)


a year ago

Hey there @meshag!

For the most part, SAT scores are a vital part of college admissions. However, some schools don't require/allow you to submit test scores, so it all depends on where you want to apply. I would suggest looking at requirements on sites like CollegeVine or the school's website. If you want to boost your admission chances, you can retake the SAT and take the ACT, since high test scores are pretty important. Also, certain test scores can help get your scholarships.

Good luck!


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