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Hey guys,

So I'm a Junior and currently have a small list of colleges I plan on applying to. 2 safety (University of Cincinnati, and Baylor University) , 1 target (UT Austin), and 1 reach (UNC Chapel Hill). I've been trying to find more colleges that may be similar to my target and reach school since those two are really the only schools on my list I'm genuinely interested in, so if anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it.

Also I've been looking at my chances of getting into these schools (specifically target and reach), my stats are currently:

GPA: 3.71 unweighted (My goal by the end of this school year is a 3.75 minimum)

ACT: 25 (I plan on retaking the ACT and hoping for a 30-32)

Extra Curricular: NHS (Tier 3b), Theatre (Tier 3a), Choir (Tier 4a), Volunteer work (over 100 hours)

I plan on joining a sport this school year, and continuing with volunteer work.

College Credit: 2 AP's, 6 College Classes (by the time I apply) Though I plan on taking 2 more AP's to graduate with a total of 10 college credit courses

In conclusion I don't know if I'm doing enough to get into my target and reach schools especially on the extracurricular part. If you have any advice on how I could make up for what I'm lacking in my transcript I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading!

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I agree with the other answer about your GPA and ECs. Taking on higher tiered ECs will make your application much stronger, especially if the activities relate to your spike.

To find target schools that are a good fit for your profile, you can use CollegeVine's school list hub if you have not already.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @J-K.!

Targets (similar acceptance rates to UT Austin): Case Western, Wake Forest, UCSB, UCI, UCSD, UMiami, UF

Reaches (similar acceptance rates to UNC-Chapel Hill): UMich, University of Virginia, Boston University

You're doing good on the course rigor but need to improve your GPA (slightly), test score, and extracurriculars (ECs). Right now, you have just one great EC (100+ volunteer hours). Joining a sport when you're near the application season won't really help you for admissions. For your ECs, do your best to get them to the next tier (if possible).

Hope this helps!

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