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I’m currently in 10th grade and I have really high goals of not only becoming a doctor/surgeon but doing a lot of research and making an impact. I’d also like to work at a top hospital. My dream and goal college is the University of Michigan, I live in Michigan too. I’m just wondering what can I do to take my college applications to the next level, and have a great chance at uofm? I’m currently in HOSA, a health club. I just made states in pathophysiology. I’ve taken honors algebra A starting B in upcoming semester, honors geometry. I’m also taking AP bio rn and have a borderline A- (goal of A next semester). I also plan on joining NHS when applications come out.

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To make your application really stand out, develop a theme for yourself. So you want to go into medicine, make a theme that makes why YOU specifically want to go into it. For example, someone's theme might be they want to go into medicine to discover new medications because that's important to them. But remember, you can have multiple reasons and you probably should. The theme is just to help you stay focused. When applying to college, make sure your approach to medicine is super unique. For example, don't just say because "I want to help people". Explain specifically from what aspect and what way you want to help people. Overall, it should be really specific to you.

Also, if you have opportunities to do so, look into interning or volunteering at a hospital. I'm a senior who's interning at a hospital and it has given me so many new perspectives on medicine and it has given me so much to write and talk about in my applications. Plus, you might discover more things about medicine that'll make you passionate about it!

Hope this helps!


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Also planning to take many more honors + ap classes throughout highschool.


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