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I have no time for extracurriculars due to studies? What do I do?

Hi, I'm currently in 11th grade pursuing science. Physics, chemistry and maths in particular. I'm enrolled in a school that follows CBSE curriculum. I'm trying to prepare for JEE too. So the main issue is that I get no time to work on my extracurriculars. I'm pretty much just above average in studies, and have poetry and badminton as really strong strengths. How can I try to increase my overall chances for admission in top colleges?

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1. Try scoring as high as possible on SAT and/or ACT. Maintain good grades/GPA.

2. Extracurricular are considered very important for top colleges, so I would say try to develop more upon your strengths. GPA and test scores are considered only on as part of a checklist for these universities since everyone who applies will naturally have the best scores, so try to build up your extracurriculars as much as you can along with everything else. Try doing them in the summer or weekends/long breaks, etc. and make time for them.

a. Participate in badminton competitions, teach under privileged children badminton for free, start a badminton club at your school

b. Keep up with your poetry, participate in contests, try getting your poetry published in a local newspaper or your school newspaper, or anywhere etc.

c. Start tutoring other children on Physics, chem or math

d. Contact Professors or professionals in your field of interest at local universities to start a research project in the summer

e. Try getting internships at organizations (a couple weeks in the summer is also valuable especially if you have a relevant position)

f. Try freelancing blog writing on science related topics (this can be done anytime)

These are just a couple of ideas.

3. Good College Essays

Good Luck!!

a year ago

I recommend adding some of these extracurriculars to your schedule - they are all low-commitment and you can do them at home. You can also focus on them during the summer instead of the school year, and colleges will still find them valuable. Hope this helps!

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Hi @YashModi!

First of all, do you want to pursue your undergraduate degree in India or in the US? How concerned you need to be about extracurriculars depends on where you want to study. I'm asking because you mentioned that you're studying for JEE, which is neither required nor considered in US college admissions.

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