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School List Suggestions

UPenn Wharton and UT McCombs (UT is in-state): What's my chances? What should I do before I apply?

Standardized Tests: 1440 PSAT, 1510 SAT (planning to retake to SAT), and get 35s on my practice ACT (signed up to take)

Classes: 15 APs and 3 Dual Enrollment when high school is completed

Weighted GPA: 5.29 (AP = 6.0, Honors = 5.0, Level = 4.0)

Unweighted: 3.94

Rank: 7 of 784


-1x ISEF Finalist (will go to the ISEF this year to compete)

-1x DECA ICDC Qualified (will go to Orlando this year to compete)

-Violinist of 7 years and is consistently in the region orchestra

-President of Teach2Learn which is a student-run, nonprofit organization that strives to inspire young students with a potential career-applicable passion. Collectively helped around 500+ kids since the beginning to now)

-President of National Chinese Honor Society and Chinese Club. Reaches out into our community intermediate schools to present the Chinese culture to over 5 schools in the area or 100+ kids. Manage and lead Chinese Club meetings which average around 80 members per meeting.

-Business Management Lead of DICE a premier entrepreneurship club, serving the Greater Houston business scene by working alongside businesses and organizations through yearly projects to gather work experience to students and also benefit businesses. I have personally worked with an organization and launched a podcast talking about mental heath within high school and logistically helped launch an event that accumulated around $99,000 for a non-profit.

-Leadership Chair of DICE which is a non-profit national organization whose members are moms and their teenage sons volunteer together to serve their local communities. I served around 100+ hours in total at the local foodbank and other events.

-Membership Chair of Operation Outbreak which is an innovative platform for STEM education on infectious diseases and outbreak preparedness. Started just this year and working to gather more members. First high school organized club for OO and working alongside the broad institute of MIT and Harvard.

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I'm pretty sure you'll be auto admitted to UT Austin as long as your rank stays in the top 6% of your class. You're very academically strong and currently in the top 1%. The extracurriculars are also very strong, so you have a decent chance for Wharton as long as you can distinguish yourself from other applicants and write killer essays.


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