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Help finding schools for technology/design/art!

Hey! Here's a quick run-down of me:

Current Junior

GPA: ~3.95

10 Honors/8 AP (by the end of senior year)

ECs are all community and art related

I'm looking for schools anywhere on/near the east coast! (NC is the most southern state preferably) I want to study anything in the design field (so broad I'm sorry)


- Web Design

- Graphic Design

- Product Design

- Any Comp Sci/Art Hybrid

Any help/guidance is appreciated 👏!!

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11 months ago

OK -- RIT is a perfect school for all of those areas. It's freezing and not very pretty -- but their labs are amazing. Check out their virtual summer program offered the first weekend in August. It might also help you narrow down what you want to study.

Also look at Drexel. Both of those schools offer co-ops which give you work experience before you graduate. Syracuse has great programs as well but know that their industrial design program is 5 years for a bachelor's degree.

SCAD is terrific as are the various art schools like RISD , Pratt, etc. However, the art schools are not as generous with financial aide and offer fewer opportunities to study other non-art things you might be interested in.

We met a design student at MIT this weekend who said she applied on a whim and was shocked that she was accepted. You never know.

11 months ago

Also look at James Madison -- beautiful campus with great art programs, an art fraternity, and the full rah rah big college experience.

🎤11 months ago

Thank you for all the recommendations! I'll def look into these schools!


a year ago

if you're going for art, try Savannah College of Art and Design! Not sure if that's too far for you but they have a really high acceptance rate of around 81% and they're one of the best art schools in the US. Ofc there's also Julliard but that one has like a 7% acceptance rate (also one of the best schools in the US but tuition is like mad mad expensive, if you saw anything in the news about strikes regarding Julliard, that's what that's all about). Last ones I can think of is the Pratt Institute and NYU is pretty good from what I've heard but I don't really know too much about either.

🎤11 months ago

Thank you!!


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