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Ivy League to World Travel

There was this one show that I have been watching. It's reality TV on YouTube, and it is basically where 2 teams of 2 travel around the world competing against each other. If you are wondering, it was inspired by The Amazing Race. I started watching it around December 2022, and now, it is my favourite show. (Really, check it out. It's called Jet Lag: The Game. It's by the same person who runs/voices Wendover Productions and Half as Interesting.)

And since I love to travel and all that, I want to be on the show someday. But how, is the question? There are 3 primary hosts. Sam (runs and voices Wendover/HAI), Adam, and Ben. Usually, there involves a fourth guest host, just for that season. Although, outside of Jet Lag, Adam and Ben are both "employees" of Sam's, writing for HAI (although not as much anymore). Adam graduated from Yale, and Ben from Brown.

So I figured, my best idea to be on the show is to graduate from an ultra-prestigious, well-known, Ivy League school (Yale or Brown, maybe, or something else), then become a writer for HAI for some time.

I'm considering becoming a politician, ambassador, or history teacher.

Do you have any ideas?

I have a Yale/Brown poll as well if you want to do that.

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Step 1: Get into an Ivy League.


Still here?

Step 2: Find the means to fund your education. The closer your family income is to the middle class, the more screwed you are by the FAFSA (federal form for student financial aid). Lower-class kids get sufficient funding to go wherever they want if they're smart enough; upper-class kids can pay to play.

Step 3: As you mature, realize that the reason why you want to invest so much in your education and become a student at one of the top schools in the country if not the world is not to be on a TV show, but to change the damn world. People who graduate from these schools have bigger goals.


a year ago

Hi. If you really want to work for Sam from Wendover and eventually be on Jet Lag, you don't need to go to an Ivy League to do that. Reach out to Sam himself and express interest in his work and in applying for a position as part of his team. Ivies do nothing to help your case until you show this prospective employer how you can benefit him. Plus, by the time you graduate, Sam's entire team will have likely moved on to different things anyway.


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