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Hi I'm looking at UC Schools, Cal State Schools (particularly cal poly) and other private California Schools. I am wondering which of these schools offer the business Majors for freshman applications. At this point for me, any school with admit rate of 50% or lower would be a target, any school higher than 50% would be a safety. Hopefully someone here can help because I'm having a hard time finding anything on Google. Thank you.

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For Business here is what I've found (I will link what I've found at the bottom):

UC Berkeley offers an undergraduate business program under their Haas School of Business. Their acceptance rate is 16%. You have to reapply for Haas in your sophomore year, and Berkeley typically takes 65% of students who apply to Haas. If you do not make Haas, you can major in economics or political science or political economy which also helps in the business area.

UCLA does not have a business major but does have a business-economics major which focuses on the more mathematical side of business.

UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and all Cal States offer a Bachelors's degree in Business Administration.

UC Santa Cruz and UC Merced offer a business management economics degree.

UCSB does not offer any business majors but you can major in economics.

UCSD offers a major in International Relations and International Business.

Here are links:

UCSD Business: https://rady.ucsd.edu/programs/undergraduate-programs/Rady%20Advising/

UCSC Business: https://admissions.sa.ucsc.edu/majors/bme

UC Merced Business: https://ssha-advising.ucmerced.edu/students/ssha-majors/management-and-business-economics

UC Berkeley Haas: https://haas.berkeley.edu/undergrad/

UCLA: http://newstudents.ucla.edu/studyarea/?type=MAJ&code=144

Hope this helps!

4 years ago

So all 4 year research school offer buisness and so do most lib arts schools but if you mean no gen ed classes. All schools require some non buisness classes to graduate. You can email and ask if you can take buisness before a grad requirement but I’m not hopeful at all.

Comment if you need clarification.

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