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School List Suggestions

school suggestions?

Hi all! Im a rising senior and this whole looking for colleges thing is rly overwhelming because there's so many things to take into account, and even then when i look up the school i find many people saying that they hate the school and that they regret going there. For context, i was rly set on going to UW but i did research and found that a lot of people didnt like it because of the weedout courses. I want a school w minimal weedout courses and one that i have a solid chance getting into. I wanted to go out of state for college but honestly at this point I'll take anything.

Im a hispanic/latino woman. I want to study neuroscience, psych, and/or criminology. Im in la california. Im a 3.06 gpa student 💀 but my uc (W/capped) is 3.4. Ive would have taken 3 aps by the time i graduate (for reference, i go to an extremely small school that has 2 honors classes and idek how many aps, last year we had 7 but they took away half of them for my sr year). Ive taken 1 college course (psychology 101). idk if this would count as taking a college course since it would be to fill a requirement but i have to take health as a college course. I only have 1 ec which is swim bc 1. There isnt a lot of ecs at our school 2. My parents said i cant do ecs cs i cant keep up my grades💀. Ive fostered kittens twice, once in 2020, once this year.

Sorry if this doesnt make sense 🧍‍♀️thank you if you took the time to read this :)

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Have you thought about UVM (University of Vermont)? They have an attached hospital and med school for a neuroscience path! They also are a very chill and relaxed campus culture while mainting a great reputation.

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I'd say look state schools both in your state and surrounding states. Many state schools from neighboring states also offer regional tuition and competitive tuition.

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