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University list for International applicant


I would like to take 2 minutes to share a bit about my profile so you can better assist my in my college list.

International Applicant, low income, Pakistan, looking for full-ride/maximum aid

Intended major: Computer science

Prospective career: Programmer for Aerospace Systems


GCSE: 6 A-stars and 4 As (4.0 GPA UW)

A-Level: 4 subjects (most challenging my school has to offer)… but my A-Level transcript is really bad. I have straight A-stars for my intended major Computer Science, but for maths and physics I have gotten 1 to 2 B’s, and for history I also have A’s.

SAT: 1540

(My school/country does not offer AP courses)


- Founded schools first CS Club, hold hackathons

- Research on public perceptions on AI (independent, published)

- Research on Graphene’s potential applications in aircraft structures (independent, not-published)

- British Airways remote Intern

- General Electric remote Intern

- Founder of my own NGO

- 1 year commitment and participation in local NGO (Media and Design Head)

- WWF Pakistan Intern (Group Leader)

- Graphic Designing (personal passion)


- Valedictorian at my local academy (not school)

- 100% merit based scholarship awarded at my current high school

- Part of School’s highly selective "High-achievers Group"

I also have 3 strong letters of recommendation by my CS, Physics and History teachers

After reviewing my profile what top USA universities instantly come to mind?

My semi-finalised list:

- Cornell

- Columbia

- Stanford

- Dartmouth

- Georgia Tech

- UT Austin

- U Miami

- Purdue

- UPenn

- Princeton

- U Illinois UC

- Virginia Tech

- F&M College

- Fordham

- DePauw

- UMASS Amherst

My goal is a top 20 US University, is this list looking good? I.e do I have a chance at them looking at my profile?

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I think you have a good list. If you are considering CS and Top 20, I am not sure of the schools you have listed in the bottom would help. What about University of California and UW-Madison?

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For the University of California system I was told they don’t really give aid to international students, so I dropped all the UC colleges. As for University of Washington, I could definitely add that to my list.

The universities below are evidently safeties, even though I’m targeting top 20 there’s a high chance, given CS programs for international students are so competitive, that I may not get into any. So atleast I would have a good university to got to (I really don’t wanna study in Pakistans… the unis here are trash and rank well beyond 3000 in world rankings)


10 months ago

Hello , as an internationnal student whose intended major is CS as well .

I was considering UIUC but I don't think they give any financial aid to internationnal student . If u found that they do , pls feel free to share !

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Yea I had that on my list. Now, I’ll have to remove it along with U Miami and Georgia Tech because according to my counselling firm the chances of securing aid are VERY slim.

I’m kinda forced to apply to IVY’s because even though it’s impossible to get in, if you do luckily you’ll easily get aid easily. Apart from that there are many others that are also need-based and blind. I’m thinking of going for Vanderbilt as well. In the end it really depends on your profile and where you come from. I just recently learned that colleges do not compare you in one large pool, rather people from distinct regions are compared. So as long are you’re competitive in YOUR country/state/city and have a great application maybe apply to UIUC and chances are you’ll get aid. It all depends on your application

10 months ago

yes , i'll do so . Thank you for your advice !

Good luck !!


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