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School List Suggestions

What kind of Universities should I keep my eye on?

Currently, I'm a Junior at a High School in Alabama,

I have a ~3.89 GPA and have made a ~28 on the Pre-ACT from last year and hope to do better this year.

I plan on attending Auburn University as a Computer Information and Sciences major.

My question is, do I keep an eye out on any other universities, and if so, which ones have a good Computer Science or Computer Information and Sciences Program?

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8 months ago

hello there!

Top universities could be carnigie mellon, GIT, Rice, Stanford, UT Austin, Harvey Mudd. but when you are thinking about college apps, not every college will have the exact same majors - while most will say computer science, others may require you to decide between small branches of within computer science. For example, computer informations (here I am assuming that you're talking about informatics, which is the study of "the application of information"), there are real differences between the directions of the programs. Some schools even consider statistics / data science as computer informatics. If you want to dive deeper, look at thee program descriptions under each college or even the course requirements for the major.


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