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Target and Safety suggestions for applying from Scotland

I have just begun my senior year of high school in Scotland. I am looking to apply to college in the Northeast as my family will be moving there at the end of my senior year. I was hoping you could recommend me some target and safety schools as reaches are obvious but I otherwise don't know where I stand.

I am a US citizen which seems to make me a "domestic" applicant in many places.

I'm looking to major in engineering/physics.

My stats:


- AAAAAA at National 5 (10th grade), AAAAB at Higher (11th) (could go up to AAAAA, but unlikely)

- currently studying Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths of Mechanics at Advanced Higher (comparable to A-level in England but a bit harder), hoping for AAAA

- my school only really offers SQA courses so no AP although I did 2 honors classes in the US in 9th grade

- 1550 SAT (760 Math, 790 R&W) (considering a retake since I think I could do better on the math, would this be worth it?)


- Doing a Young STEM Leader award at level 5, involves helping run a science club and organizing some STEM event

- Was a prefect as a junior

- Competing with a team of 6 in a national STEM competition

- doing a career-oriented (engineering) program at a local university

- programming; developed an app on the Microsoft Store and a website or two

- am a young carer for my severely-autistic brother

Thanks in advance for your help and I am happy to clarify anything if necessary.

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6 months ago

Maybe try:

-Worchester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

-Tufts University (MA)

-Northeastern University (MA)

-Mass. Maritime Academy

-University of New Hamphire

-University of Vermont

-Maine Maritime Academy

-University of Maine

-University of Rhode Island

-Roger Williams University (RI)


-Fairfield University (CT)

-U of New Haven (CT)

-U of Hartford (CT)

-Central CT State U

I assumed you meant New England, is anything outside of that area (NY, NJ, etc.) also okay?

Also, make sure you research these schools to see if any of them are a good fit for you.

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