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Dilemma with friends

I have been planning my college education since I was very young and have always been prepared for it. The only thing I was never sure about was actually choosing a school. One of my best friend's mom works at a nearby university and offered to talk to her for me, as well as be my roommate. I said yes because it's my best friend! I love him like a brother and I really liked the university itself. It has a great campus and it's only about 20-25 minutes from my house. However recently, I have felt like over the summer I haven't talked to my friend as much and feel us fading apart. Along with that, I found a wonderful university farther away that is amazing!

Basically, my question is, how do I choose? I want to stay with my friend and be roommates but I can't focus my whole life around him.


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9 months ago

You should consider the pros and cons of each university further before you make a decision. This situation reminds me of picking classes in high school, only with bigger commitments. In high school, we tend to want the same classes as our friends. It gives us comfort knowing we have someone else who we really like around. However, basing your classes off of what someone else does limits what you can do. In high school, it's easier to get around this using clubs and other activities. In college, not so much. You won't have the same time schedule. But this is a time to make new friends who do have the same interests as you. You absolutely cannot replace the friendship you have with this person but you shouldn't base your future on someone else. There are other ways to maintain your relationship if you're willing to work for it. Choose the collage that works best for you.

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