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Schools for a A- student interested in PolySci, Geomatics, AFROTC?

Hello! I'm a Junior in the state of Florida, and I'm planning on majoring in political science, though I'm interested in Urban Planning careers as well. I'm looking for schools that are a reasonable fit for myself, and would offer decent financial aid. I'm also looking for a school that offers AFROTC. One where I could take additional classes or minor in something related to urban/City planning or Geomatics would be great as well.

I'm not exactly sure what my actual weighted or unweighted GPA is since my school calculates them weird so I won't get it until December. I have an A+ to A- in all of my classes with the exception of 1 class with a B. According to another website's GPA calculator, my GPA is a 3.83 but that doesn't include elective classes. I don't have stellar EC's but I've held a leadership position in the school newspaper for 1 year, and volunteer with a few different organizations for about 2 years. I'm waiting on acceptance or denial into a writing program where I'd be able to create a project with a mentor, which would help my otherwise average EC's.

I've only been able to take 1 AP class in my sophomore year, which was AP US Government and I got an A and a 5, and I take as many honors classes as my school offers, and I'm currently in AP lang and will take dual enrollment classes in my spring semester and senior year, and potentially over the junior year summer if I'm approved (about 4-6 dual enrollment classes, and about 4 APs I think?). I'd greatly appreciate any school recommendations.


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