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School List Suggestions

College suggestions- and what I should do to improve my extracurriculars.

I'm currently a freshmen in hs.

I've been playing soccer for 8 years (club n school).

Varsity soccer.

4.0 GPA

Currently in robotics.


Associates degree done by the end of hs.

I'm interested in STEM so I'm looking for ways to improve my extracurriculars and some college suggestions in state options.

I'm planning to take all AP's available for the following years as well.

Any advice I will be super grateful :))

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9 months ago[edited]

First, here are some schools you can take a look at. I noticed you're in HOSA, so I tried to find some that had some health professions majors.

Worcester Polytechnic University - Massachusetts

University of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania

UC Davis - California

Fordham University - New York

University of Maryland, College Park - Maryland

University of San Diego - California

Villanova University - Pennsylvania

Kenyon College - Ohio

College of William and Mary - Virginia

Now, about extracurriculars. You have some great ones right now. Try to get a leadership position if you can in one of the extracurriculars you're already in (like robotics) or you should consider starting your own club or community service project, and leading that. Community service is always great, and colleges want servant-leaders on their campuses.

You seem like you're really focused, and what you're doing is really impressive. Best of luck with high school!


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