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I am a senior in India and want to know more about admission requirements and the processes in USA.

Here schools don’t offer AP, Honors or college level classes. We’ve a system where students,( when entering junior year) are expected to choose one of the 3 streams/majors-

Science ( includes Physics, chemistry, biology or maths)

Commerce ( Accounts, Economics, Business studies)

Humanities (History, Social studies, Economics)

I choose science, will it be able to replace the AP scores ?

I want to do research in fields of Astrophysics or Biomedical engineering. I have a 3.7 something GPA ( we use marking/grading system)

Here are some of my achievements/extracurriculars-

I am the head of the Science and technology department of my school.

Doing research on carbon neutral environment and generating carbon credit along with IITs ( most prestigious university of India)

Youth leader since 8th grade, our team(outside of school) was awarded by the president.

I have helped build a school in my village (there no schools previously)

Considering all these, what are my chances of getting in good research colleges?

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It might depend on the college but I'm pretty sure that you have to take a College Board AP Exam and score well in order to get a college credit for it. College board has testing centers in India so you could probably self study and take one of the AP Physics, AP Chemistry or AP Biology exams. AP exams are graded from a 1 to 5 and most high ranking research colleges accept a 4 or 5 for college credit. Here's the link to AP testing cites in India: international.collegeboard.org/students/ap/taking-ap-india

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