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Hey guys!

I'm currently a Junior in high school and I've been very stressed lately about my chances in college. My dream school is Stanford, but I would also love to go to UW Seattle because I know they have a really good health/med program, which is what I want to do. I just don't know if I have a chance of getting into these schools.

UW GPA: 4.0 (it will most likely be a 3.99 or 3.96 by the end of this year)

SAT: 1520

APs: I plan on doing 9 APs by the end of my senior year; I am currently taking 3

the scores I have right now:

- 5 AP World




- Founder and President of Neuroscience Club at my school

- HOSA (have 1 state level award)

- Marching band; rank leader for the clarinet section

- Wind Ensemble (highest band ensemble offered at my school; auditioned for it)

- JV Team Manager for Girls Basketball

- Have an Instagram account where I post drawings of anatomy

- Part time job at a retail store

- National Honors Society

What do you guys think? Should I be doing more if I want to get into Stanford? Do I even have a chance at any of the top schools?

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You have an outstanding application! Any school that has a 8-20 percent acceptance rate should look at your transcripts, as long as you have a good essay. I think that Stanford would be a reach but they would most likely take a look at your profile. Here are some schools I think are good for you, I will categorize them by reach/target/safety


Stanford 3.68 acc

Johns Hopkins 2.9acc

University of Washington 6.3 acc


University of Florida 8.7 acc

Boston College 17 acc

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 16.8 acc


University of California Irvine 29 acc

University of California Berkeley 55 acc

University of California San Diego 39 acc

This is according to:


Good luck!

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I think you might be confusing Washington University for University of Washington Seattle; UW Seattle has an AR around 50%. Also I would not say any of the UC's (besides Riverside maybe) could be considered safeties, especially when applying OOS.

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Yeah, I didn’t know which one you were talking about because both of them are based in Seattle, but they are both great schools. I used to live in California and some of my friends that I interned with were OOS and the didn’t have an application like yours and still got in, so That’s why I put them at safety’s.


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You have a really impressive application! I would highly recommend using both the CollegeVine chancing tool and the Niche comparison tool.

A good college list has 2-3 reach schools, 3-5 target schools, and 2-3 safety schools. At least a few should be in-state. Your school counselor will have their own recommendations, and they are a great resource as they will know your situation better than anyone on here :)

A lot of the top schools focus very heavily on the essays. Most of the people applying for those schools have great academics and extracurriculars, but the admissions committees want to see who can bring the most potential to the campus. You have to really sell yourself in these essays. There are tons of great, free college essay-writing tools online. Personally, I started with my topics, free-wrote, and then took the ideas and refined them using these tools. CollegeVine also has a great (free) peer-editing tool that has been helpful for me.

The most important thing as a premed is that you go somewhere you are happy, major in something you're passionate about (and do well in), and do well in your prereqs. So don't worry about going to a super "prestigious" school because you think it will look good. Go somewhere where you will enjoy being for four years and you feel like you can thrive.


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