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What are some good colleges for graphic design and/or architecture?

I’m looking for colleges that are preferably a decent size because I want to be involved in student life. Are there any colleges you recommend with good architecture/graphic design programs that give merit scholarships or programs that help you pay for college? My family doesn’t qualify for financial aid but I have to pay for college myself, so affordability and scholarship availability are a huge component. Also include any schools abroad. Thanks!

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7 months ago

I don't know a whole lot about graphic design but I know a lot about architecture schools. And I don't know a whole lot about schools abroad too so I'll just use my expertise in U.S Architecture schools.

Some schools I would apply to if I needed merit scholarships for Architecture would be...

- University of Houston (Decent B.Arch, some merit)

- ASU (Not NAAB accredited but it is well known and has a lot of merit scholarships)

- University of Kansas or Kansas State University (Both offer very generous merit scholarships and both have 5 year MASTERS in Architecture programs if you are sure that is exactly what you want to do)

- Illinois Tech (5 year professional B.Arch, in the city of Chicago so there is a lot of opportunities in architecture and design and they offer 4-5 full-ride merit scholarships and more)

- maybe Pratt?? (They are very well known for both Architecture and Graphic Design and they give automatic scholarships but it usually isn't very generous; might not be enough but maybe look into it and they also have B.Arch)

- Tulane (B.Arch and a little reachy for some people but it offers decent scholarships)

- Syracuse (very very well known in the field and has a B.Arch along with some decent merit scholarships)

- Texas Tech (4 year B.S but they offer decent scholarships)

- CCNY Spitzer (I don't know where you live, but if you live in New York you can apply for the Macaulay Honors College under CCNY and get a full ride + Spitzer has a B.Arch)

- Cooper Union (very good for Architecture and Design overall with a B.Arch too and they offer all students a half-tuition scholarship)

There is a lot of other great schools out there with merit scholarships so I apologize for not mentioning some more but these are the few that I thought of off the top of my head.

Hope this helps!


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