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hi everyone I'm a senior in high school and I haven't started any applications. my GPA is 4.1 and I take only one AP(AP MICROECONOMICS). I want to study business and hospitality. and I have been preparing for the ACT but every time I took a practice exam I scored very low hence I started practicing the SAT, my first try score was 790/1600, the second try was 820/1600, third try was 960/1600.

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I would apply test-optional to all the schools you apply to. I don't think the SAT or ACT are worth your time. Focus on writing great college essays instead. These are just as or even more important than test scores. I would make sure you apply to some schools you would definitely get in- in other words, don't just apply to reach/target schools and definitely don't apply to mainly Ivies. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to my post with a comment!

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thank you for replying but I have to go with my sister she wants to study dentistry and in the US or Canada they don't over dentistry in undergrad


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