6 months ago
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Ideas? Reccomendations?


I'm a sophomore in high-school at the moment looking to major in Theatre arts/Drama/Acting.

I have a 3.9 GPA at the moment and have all my courses planned out til high-school graduation, only having taken 2 honors classes so far, but i plan to take quite a few more along with a few AP.

I do a lot of activities outside of school for acting, volunteer work, and art.

I'm already planning on applying to SCAD and Emerson, does anyone else have any suggestions? or anything to help with studying habits?

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6 months ago

It is great to show an all-around application that focuses on your passion, when you first try AP classes if you don't keep up with the material it can get overbearing. I'm also a sophomore and I have just taken a semester AP class, my advice is to find what studying techniques help you most and you don't need perfect scores. Stay motivated but it's ok to let something go if your mental health suffers. Best wishes & keep growing with it.


6 months ago

Hi @Ilikecatsalot!

My first piece of advice is to keep up the good work and always do your best in your studies. The first couple of years in hs DO matter- too many students get to their junior year and regret not taking their schoolwork seriously.

However, you do need a balance. Be sure to enjoy hs- it is a time like no other and live it to the fullest! Make time for the things that make you happy and that will help you stay focused in school. Keep active in your drama/acting; on your college application, these activities will demonstrate that fact that you were determined to start your career young-very appealing to colleges!

Best regards, and happy high schooling!


6 months ago

I did some research and a good college for theatre and the arts that isn't too expensive or selective is SUNY Purchase. I also happen to know that Mitski went there because I am a big Mitski fan lol


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