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Hello, im a freshman in high school and I don't know a lot about the college selections and stuff, so I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

Firstly, in all of the good schools like harvard, princeton, yale, upenn and stuff, in collegevine it always gives me a really low chance of getting in to those colleges when I put my stats in (that will be below). Even when I click simulate chances and change my SAT score to a perfect 1600 and act score to the max, and say that I'm a national athelete in several sports, it still does not make my chances higher than a 50%. I do not think that everyone selected in these colleges take 100 honors classes and stuff when in hs, and I doubt that they are all national champions in several sports. Is the chancing actually supposed to be that low, or should it be higher?

Also, here are some of my stats:

1. 3.82 unweighted gpa (i know, its not ideal but ill try and get it to a 3.87 at least before senior year)

2. currently taking all honors exept spanish (i will override to honors next year), health and gym (I have to take .5 credits of gym one year, and health for 2 years for 1 credit), and lunch (please let me know if there is an honors lunch. I would love to take that)

3. I planned out the next for years, and I will be taking 11 ap classes, and 15 honors (mabye more since I have a lot of room in my schedule during senior year). The max credits we can take in a year is 8, and im taking 8 credits freshman year (no study hall), will be taking 7.5 credits sophmore year (1/2 period free), 7 or 7.5 credits junior year (1/2 period free) and currently i have only 6 credits planned for senior year, but I can guarentee that ill take at least 1 credit more.

4. In concert band and marching band. I play trombone. Currently, for concert band it looks like i will be section leader and first chair, since the only two other freshman tromboners NEVER practice. Also, for marching band, I am hopefully going to get to be drum major, because I am planning on doing that.

5. PMEA - Philidelphia music thing - A large district concert that I'm hoping to join on trombone in the next three years (freshman aren't allowed).

6. Jazz band - no freshman tromboners but me are really interested in spending any extra time for band at all, so since jazz band is optional, I'm the only freshman trombone in jazz. Because of this, it is very likely that I will be the only senior trombone player in jazz band when I'm a senior, so I will most likely be the section leader and first chair.

7. I'm in a ton of random clubs that require barely any commitment, like Physics club, chess club, and stuff. I might be able to be the president of leader of something when I'm a senior.

8. I play tennis and soccer, and I hope to make the varsity team when I'm a senior. Also, another question; will it ruin a college application if I say that I'm a substitute in soccer or any other sport? I'm not saying that that will happen, but I'm just wondering.

9. I will take 4 years of spanish, and do ap spanish lang and culture senior year.

10. I obviously did not take the SAT yet, but i took the 8/9 PSAT, and I got a 1220. It said it was in the 97th percentile in the country. I am currently taking algebra 2, so when I finish that, I will hopefully be able to to score a bit better.

That is all of the stuff that I'm involved in. I probably will be doing more stuff by senior year.

Could you give me a few colleges that I won't have a very hard time getting into? I prefer anywhere in the northeast, and a highly ranked college. Preferably an ivy or top 50. Thanks!

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5 months ago

Hello! It is hard to get into many highly ranked colleges, so your chances will rarely be above 50% unless you've won a Nobel Prize, Olympic Gold Medal, National Book Award, or something of that caliber. Your stats are quite impressive, so you'll be fine. Colleges, especially Ivies, are extremely selective. That being said, you should check out:

-Binghamton University

-Dickinson College

-Amherst College

-Babson College

-Rhode Island School of Design

-Hamilton College

-Carnegie Mellon University

- Loyola University Maryland

-Johns Hopkins University

-Middlebury College

-Bentley Unversity

-Northeastern University

-Rutgers University


-Skidmore College

I wish you luck in your search! Remember, the college you go to is not an indicator of your worth as a person!

5 months ago

I know it seems crazy, but it's true man. Admissions are insane, there is still a 1 in 2 chance a national athlete with a perfect sat gets rejected. And you need, like, 3.9 gpa minimum for ivies. Once you get there, you can consider harvard, yale, Princeton, it, and all those. There is still time before senior year, so try to keep your ec's and honors/ap's up till then. Good luck

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