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College chances and ideas? (Current freshman)

Freshman here. Currently looking for college ideas and my possible chances at getting into schools.

I have planned out all classes I’ll take over the next 4 years, here they are

9: honors precalc, h world history, h spanish, h English, ap bio

10: ap calc ab, ap lang, ap world, h spanish, h chem, ap music theory

11: ap calc bc, ap physics, apush, h English, h spanish

12: ap stat, ap gov, ap physics mech, ap lit, h spanish, ap comp sci A


Harp (school orchestra and string ensemble)

Choir (competition choir and state choir)

Mock trial (i plan to be a co president senior year)

Model un

Handbell choir

Math league (have placed #1 in school)

Academic bowl

Ballet (9 hrs a week, hope to dance lead roles jr and sr year)

Literary magazine (editor)

Drama club (multiple lead roles)

GPA: 4.0 unweighted

UVA and Emory are my top schools rn, and I have a double-legacy at both of them. Any other college ideas or possibilities of me getting in? be real thx

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5 months ago

AP vs. IB is important. If you’ve thought about going overseas, do IB. I would recommend doing dual enrollment at your local college, as well. I took Bio 181, PSY 200, and Genetic 301 at my local state uni, and it wasn’t that strenuous. Think about what you want to major in and start doing extracurriculars to target it: internships, charity work, shadowing at doctor’s offices, etc.

Think about honor societies like Tri-M, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS/NAS, language societies, etc.

If you’re looking for a college with similar acceptance rates and in the South, I’d recommend:

Washington and Lee

UNC Chapel Hill


Case Western (?)



Be careful about ACT/SAT for schools that don’t take superscores.

Make sure to enjoy high school, too. It’s not the end if you don’t get into your dream college/uni. I didn’t get into a Tufts, but ended up getting a crap load of scholarships for similar colleges. Good luck

-a senior who hates APLit


5 months ago

hey, I just wanted to say this, it's not going to help with college admission chances or anything like that, because personally i have no idea about your chances in colleges, but i wanted to say something. i have to say the fact that you are planning ahead in your high school years, that's something that will get you somewhere. you don't need to worry about it so much right now. sophomore year, sure! but right now you seem like an absolutely amazing student. keep your grades up and don't stop doing well. focus on your goal.

as a sophomore, I have to say, the way you're doing, was not my freshman year. I'm currently a 3.5 gpa student. I wish i could say it's not my own fault but it is. keep doing what you're doing. work hard. have fun. aim high. remember if you shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

-a B student


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