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Help with hard target/less difficult reach options (junior)

Hi, I'm planning on majoring in either econ, polysci, or a dual major with both

My list is good on safetys (1 safety because of a series of fortunate events) and hard reaches (ivies, UChicago, etc), but i need help with "midrange" schools. Would also appreciate options that aren't crazy expensive, has good merit scholarships, or gives rlly good finaid (slightly over 150k annual income for reference)

Stats n stuff

1510 SAT, prob will retake (740 eng 770 math)

ACT pending score

1500 PSAT, prob nm finalist

4.0 unweighted, 4.45 weighted (4.0 scale, 4.5=honors, 5.0=ap)

6 aps total by the end of this year (calc ab+bc, chem, physics 1, lang, microeconomics) (school offers 19, senior schedule uncertain)

ECs (total time includes pre hs, will have a hs time too)

Bassoon: 6 years (3 yrs as of now hs), principal for state youth orchestra and a bunch of other ensembles, about to do 3ish national competitions

Math team: 8 years (3 years as of now hs), mostly casual but have a few 3rd and 2nd place state level awards, also captain

Debate: 3 yrs, competing on the national circuit independently ranked top 200 as of now. Also working on a nonprofit that provides free coaching+resources and helps small school/independent debaters be successful on the national circuit

Robotics: 4 years (2yrs hs)- quit but had a 3rd place award at state

Tutoring: so far like 72ish hrs but its ongoing, tutoring a group of kids at my local church every week

Research/summer stuff-

working on 2 different projects rn, one is a datasci project that I have confirmed will be published if I finish it well, one is a paper done on my own that Im working on prob abt econ or polysci

MJW journalism camp summer before 10th

applying to mites, ross, promys, and sumac because I think math is fun

Awards (tldr)-

3rd place and 2nd place at state competition for math

3rd place southeast robotics regional

principal bassoonist for a bunch of orgs

qualified for Alabama all state 9th+10th (quit school band so not doing it this year)

top 200 NSD ranking (debate)

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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