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International student seeking some advice.

Hello. As I am sure you can tell from this title, I am not an American. I am from Morocco but it has always been my dream of being able to study in the US, and I've been putting in some work too. I am in the equivalent of the 11th grade at the moment and decided it was probably a wise idea to start looking into colleges. I've taken the SAT and gotten a composite of 1500 on it, and i was meaning to ask if you had any universities I should consider applying to. Many thanks in advance.

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@Jael_S2384 months ago

What are you hoping to study/major in at college? This will help me give you recommendations.

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I'd like to major in biology with a minor in chemistry

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4 months ago

Keep your mind open. This tip is often given – and for good reason: It's essential! Don't arrive in your adopted country with a head full of stereotypes. Instead, open your eyes, relax, and breathe in the culture – you'll likely see that many of your assumptions about life overseas were incorrect. @car games

4 months ago

Hi! I'm an international student too and would love to share some advice.

Based on the one factor of your application you've provided (I'm referring to your SAT score please note that there are so many others that contribute to your application!), I'd suggest applying to a number of schools and widening your net. May I just commend you on your score: well done! It puts you right up there in terms of the schools in your score range. I would really encourage you to consider applying to some ivies as well as the likes of Stanford, MIT, Duke, JHU and other top US institutions for your "reach" schools. You may want to look at schools who's average applicants have GPAs and SAT scores that are around your range. You may also want to apply to slightly less competitive schools as your "targets" or "safeties" (but we internationals really don't have any safeties!!!) such as Oberlin, Bennington, St Lawrence, etc. In as much as I can provide suggestions, building your college list should be solely your task as you know your extracurriculars, grades, and circumstances best and will be able to make the most informed choices.

As you build your college list, always check the schools' policy on financial aid for internationals (assuming you are applying for need-based aid). Even as you apply, remember this: you are a bright, capable student who is destined for greatness. Any school would be lucky to have you. Be your authentic self in your application and don't do or say anything with the aim of impressing admissions officers.

Good luck! I'm manifesting all the best for you, from one international to another. Take care <3

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