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I am in 9th grade and wondering if beefing up my extracurriculars would help my acceptance into college in the future. I am in a Chamber Singers group, 2 other chorus groups, No Place for Hate club, a writing club, and am secretary of the student council. Would it be recommended that I join a few more groups, especially considering I don't typically do sports?

Thank you!

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Hey there @AstridJ!

Try looking into summer choral programs, All-State and All-National ensembles, a capella groups in your school and community, and other youth choirs in addition to what you're already involved in. It seems that choral singing is your passion, so demonstrating that on your application should be a focus for you. You could also consider branching out into different types of performing arts to make up for the lack of sports in your resume. School and community theatre is great, but you could also take up an instrument or dance class if you have time.

Volunteering is also a great way to boost your profile; try looking for local summer camps, animal shelters, or food/clothing banks in your area that need help. I have volunteered at a local visual and performing arts summer camp for the past two summers because it's great volunteer hours and it ties in to some of my interests. It's possible that music-related summer camps for kids in your area are looking for volunteers, so keep your eye out for postings in the coming months.

It's great that your involved in student council and some clubs! As you move throughout high school, consider trying to get a leadership role in one (or both) of your clubs. Colleges often view sports (and, by extension, the ability to be a team captain) as good for teamwork and leadership. Leading a club could help you fulfill this.

It's amazing that you're already involved in so many activities during your freshman year; you can only grow from here! Stay involved and keep up the great efforts!

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