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Hi! I applied to UPenn's Wharton School of Business. Can I get into with these stats?


GPA: 5 out of 5, unweighted

SAT: 1420 (not submitted)

IELTS: 7.0

Major: Business Administration

Extracurriculars: Delivery company owner (made 15K$ during summer break), consulting agency former (made 1.5K$), research on bedouins, founder of a public speaking organization (made 2K$), founder of a community service that teaches English and Math, head of 30 volunteers, wrestling 5 years, captain of a quiz team (won in the regional competition), theory club former, junior teacher at my school.

Financial aid/Scholarships: Did not apply.

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a month ago

I will give you a short answer.

Your GPA is 100% up to UPENN's standard

SAT is a little bit lacking in terms of UPENN, but in any other school, it would be pretty high (Good job going test optional)

I have no idea what IELTS is, so I cannot give advice on that

But your EC fits perfectly with what UPENN wants, the entrepreneurship you have is shown in your ECs, and the ECs make me believe that you can have a very good chance to go into Upenn


a month ago

Wow, your GPA is perfect. I would say as long as you took 8-12 AP's your good on grades and course rigor. Your EC's perfectly fit UPenn and business administration. your SAT may not be there but everything else looks great


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